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The difference between zinc die casting parts and aluminum die casting parts(3)

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The difference between zinc die casting parts and aluminum die casting parts(3)

After understanding the advantages of zinc alloy die casting, let's talk about aluminum die casting. Let customers fully understand the characteristics of the two materials. It is what we expect as a die casting company.

Let's talk about the disadvantages of zinc alloy die casting. Too long die-casting time of zinc alloy will lead to deformation and breakage of die-casting parts. It is because zinc alloy die casting is easy to aging, which will lead to mental strength reduction and volume expansion. It is also the reason why zinc alloy dies casting is not competent for all orders.

Aluminum alloy is much better in this regard. Aluminum alloy dies casting has good die casting performance and thermal conductivity. The subsequent processing is also straightforward and convenient for cutting. Of course, aluminum alloy die casting also has some disadvantages that zinc can not ignore. Aluminum alloy die casting is easy to stick to, and aluminum alloy is corrosive to the die casting die. Moreover, the metal shrinkage of aluminum alloy is enormous, resulting in shrinkage, which impacts the completion of finished products.

Because both have their advantages and disadvantages, therefore, we should select materials according to actual needs. The material cost of zinc alloy is high, but the die cost is low. The cost of aluminum alloy material is low, but the cost of the die is high. Moreover, due to different shrinkage rates, the die exit inclination of zinc alloy die castings can be very small, generally about 0.5 °, while that of aluminum alloy is generally 1 ~ 1.5 °. The surface treatment effect of aluminum alloy is poor, and zinc alloy can be selected for orders with requirements on surface technology.

These are some topics about zinc die casting parts and aluminum dies casting parts. We are a die casting company focusing on the metal processing industry, and we also have a CNC finishing business. It can meet almost all your needs. Are you waiting for what? Contact us soon!




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