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As a professional die casting mold maker in China, Hongji is dedicated to providing high quality die casting tooling specific to any requirement. We are experienced in designing and manufacturing of the custom die casting mold for over 18 years. We have our own workshop for tool making. We have 8 professional engineer with over 5 years in casting mold design. We are equipped with 3 big CNC centers for mold machining.

What is Die Casting Mold?

Die casting mold is made of steel and consists of mold core and mold frame, with a cavity in the middle, which forms a space for the contour and size of the die casting parts. Aluminum die casting mold is different from plastic injection mold and is more complicated in structure. Die casting Tooling is very practical. One die cast mold can usually produce more than one million parts, which is economical and affordable.

Bringing Die Casting Tooling Designs to Life

Customer provides sample or product 3D drawing. We will make modification on the drawing by adding radius , draft angel and avoid the undercuts. Then die casting mold design will be made. We will have mold flow analyze to check the mold design. Once mold design drawing is confirmed. We will start the machining of the die casting mold parts. After the die casting mould parts are ready. We will do assembly of the mold. And do casting process by the mold. After machining and surface finish is made on the parts. We can get the finished part. FAI report will be made.

Die Casting Mold Manufacturing Processes

1. Mold design

2. EDM machining

3. Line wire cutting machining

4. EDM machining.

5. CNC precision machining

6. assembly


High Pressure Die Casting Mold Benefits 

Long life time, normal mold can make around 80000 shots.

Ensure stable quality of the production.

Economic for massive production.

Stable for quality control.

Die Casting Tooling Parts


  • Q What is the material of die casting tooling?

    A Steel like SKD61, 8407. 
  • Q What is difference between die casting and die casting tooling?

    A Die casting usually means the process of manufacturing the production. But die casting tooling means the die casting mold.
  • Q How much does high pressure die casting tooling cost?

    A It depends on the product structure and size. We need product drawing or sample for quotation.




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