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The history and origin of die-casting molding

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The history and origin of die-casting molding

Although die casting molding appears behind the casting molding technology, the concept of die-casting appeared very early. Due to the technical level and promotion efforts at that time, die-casting did not develop rapidly. As early as 1964, the Japanese put forward the concept of die-casting. The molten alloy is pressed into a precision casting mold at a high temperature, and a high-precision casting method with an excellent casting surface is mass-produced quickly.

At that time, the research and name of die casting technology were different in the world. The British called it Pressure Die, while the Americans on the other side of the Atlantic called Die Casting. At that time, the processes and technologies used by people were also different. With the development of technology and mutual exchanges between peers, die-casting technology has gradually been standardized, and various chaotic names have also been unified. Die casting is gradually falling off, and casting has become an independent industry.

Although die cast mold cost is slightly increased compared with traditional casting, the advantages in various aspects cover up the disadvantages in cost. Die casting has faster processing efficiency, better processing quality, lower defect rate, and higher processing accuracy. Compared with its advantages, the disadvantage of slightly higher cost is not worth mentioning. And as the technology continues to improve and mature, die casting has completely replaced casting.




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