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The difference between die casting molding and casting

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The difference between die casting molding and casting

People are no strangers to die casting molding, but not many customers have a deep understanding of this process. This article will introduce you to some topics related to dying casting molding.

High pressure dies casting is a special kind of casting process. Compared with the normal casting process, die casting has more advantages. Die-casting products are much higher in quality and accuracy than ordinary casting products. Compared with ordinary casting, the cost is only slightly lower than that of die casting. However, since the development of die casting technology, manufacturers have controlled the cost very well.

The most significant difference between die casting and casting is the pressurization process. The liquid metal of mold die casting must enter the pressurizing chamber before it flows into the mold for forming, and then the liquid metal is quickly pushed into the mold by pressure. The pressure pushes the metal to form faster and more fully in the mold. In the production process of die casting products, there are two processes of pressurization and pressure holding. These two processes can make the metal in the mold denser, and the defective rate, such as bubbles and insufficient filling, will also be reduced.

On the whole, die casting products are better than casting products, and the appearance and quality of die casting products are better than casting products. Compare other rapid prototyping methods horizontally, such as CNC and 3D printing. The cost of die casting products is controllable and supports high-precision mass production.




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