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How to solve the defects of high-pressure aluminum die casting (2)

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How to solve the defects of high-pressure aluminum die casting (2)

The crack of die casting products is one of the significant challenges die casting parts manufacturers face. We have summed up some experience in many years of industry work, and these experiences have allowed us to solve this problem.

Before we solve the problem, we must first understand the cause. The following causes of aluminum pressure die casting cracks:

1. Alloy composition

2. Uneven force during ejection leads to damage

3. die cast toolingtemperature is too low

4. The casting wall is too thick, the structure changes are complicated, the fillet is too small, the shrinkage is blocked, the shrinkage stress and other problems cause insufficient filling

The above problems will lead to cracks or cracks in die casting products. We need to reasonably formulate the alloy composition to ensure that the alloy has good physical properties and is suitable for die casting. And adjust the layout of die casting products, reduce the difference in casting wall thickness, increase fillet and demold slope. When the product is ejected, we should also pay attention to adjusting the ejector pin's strength and angular position so that the parts are evenly stressed during the ejection process and check the condition of the parts in time. We should adjust the mold temperature reasonably according to the actual situation of the product.

You can find none of the above jobs in textbooks. These countermeasures are entirely the practical experience accumulated by generations of die-casting workers and engineers. We have experienced engineers and operators; please contact us if you need aluminum die casting services.




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