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How To Control The Quality Of Aluminum Die Casting Products?

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How To Control The Quality Of Aluminum Die Casting Products?

The continuous development and application of new technologies and new materials in the metal casting industry, some non-ferrous metal products and accessories, such as industrial products, electronic communication products, household appliances, toys, characteristics of small shapes, light weight, complex shapes and thin walls, The method of pressure casting production is adopted.

Die casting has the advantages of high efficiency, high material utilization, stable product quality, etc. It has a very broad application field and broad prospects.

It is particularly worth mentioning that it is made of die-casting aluminum alloy material, which has been widely used in automobile, motorcycle box, cylinder, wheel hub, valve body and other accessories. Parts made of cast aluminum alloy in the past have gradually been replaced by aluminum die casting products.

Due to the characteristics of die-casting production, the quality of castings is affected by production, management, molds, smelting technology, etc. If the control is not good, the scrap rate of die-casting is very high, resulting in a waste of resources, and seriously affecting economic benefits and product quality.

The raw material supply, design and manufacture of die-casting molds and their influence on the quality of die-casting molds, and the control measures in this process are proposed.

The occurrence of defects is affected by various factors, and the quality of raw materials, mold structure, and process parameters are the main reasons for the formation of defects and rejects.

In order to improve the qualification rate of die castings, aluminum die casting manufacturers have done a lot of work in production organization management, control technology, equipment maintenance, and personnel training.




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