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How much is die-cast mold cost

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How much is die-cast mold cost

A die-casting mold is a tool for casting metal parts, a tool that completes the die-casting process on a dedicated die-casting machine.

The basic process of die casting is: the molten metal is the first cast at low speed or high speed and filled into the mold cavity. The mold has a movable cavity surface. The loose defects also make the internal structure of the blank reach the broken grains in the forging state, and the comprehensive mechanical properties of the blank are significantly improved.

Die-casting parts are widely used in the automotive industry, especially in lightweight new energy structural parts.

Starting from the design and manufacturing process of the mold, decompose the designed steps, peel off the complex mold layer by layer, and understand where the actual cost of the mold is, such as through positive accounting. The general structure of the die-casting mold can be divided into mold frame (mold frame), mold core (mold core), and standard accessories, such as guidepost, guide sleeve, oil cylinder, oil pipe, etc. These are the essential components of the mold. If the precision of the mold is relatively high, other parts are needed.

Mold is a tricky part of cost accounting because there are many parts involved, and the costs corresponding to different processing technologies are also different; according to different types of parts and design requirements, the design of die-casting molds is also quite different. Such as whether a vacuum is required, whether it has a slider, or it needs to be applied to a sizeable die-casting machine, so the mold size is relatively large. These differences lead to differences in mold design and processing. In addition, the material selection of the mold core directly affects the service life of the mold.




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