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Advantages Of Die Casting

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Advantages Of Die Casting

Die casting is the abbreviation of pressure custom die casting. It is a form of casting liquid or semi-liquid metal or alloy into the pressure chamber of a die casting machine to fill the cavity under high pressure and high speed, and form and crystallize under high pressure to obtain castings.

Advantages of die casting

1. Good product quality. The casting has high dimensional accuracy; the surface finish is good, generally equivalent to 5~8; the strength and hardness are higher, the strength is generally 25-30% higher than sand casting, but the elongation is reduced by about 70%; the size is stable, and the interchangeability is good; It can die-cast thin-walled complex castings.

2. High production efficiency. The machine productivity is high. For example, the domestic JⅢ3 horizontal cold-air die casting machine can die-cast 600-700 times in eight hours on average, and the small hot-chamber die-casting machine can die-cast 3,000-7000 times in eight hours on average. The die-casting mold has a long life and one pair of die-casting molds. The die-cast clock alloy has a life span of hundreds of thousands or even millions of times; it is easy to realize mechanization and automation.

3. Save costs. Due to the precise size of the die-casting, the surface is smooth and clean. Generally, it is not used for mechanical processing but directly used, or the processing volume is small, so it not only improves the metal utilization rate, but also reduces a large number of processing equipment and man-hours; the price of castings is easy; combination die-casting can be used with other metal or non-metal materials . It saves not only assembly man-hours but also metal.

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