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What Materials Are Generally Used For Die Cast Tooling?

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What Materials Are Generally Used For Die Cast Tooling?

Die casting different alloys, die cast tooling work temperature is different, the requirements of the material are different; die casting the same alloy, used in different places, the material is different.

Custom die casting molds generally use H13SKD61, 8407, 8417 of hot work die steel.

The fundamental and effective way to avoid aluminum die casting mold cracking in advance is to improve the purity of mold steel and reduce or eliminate low melting point impurities. Improve the high temperature softening performance of die steel, thereby improving the anti-cracking performance. Under this premise, the forging ratio of die steel should be made sufficient, with a good heat treatment process, and the use and maintenance of the die. Thereby extending the service life of the mold.

1) Use mold steels with high purity and low sulfur content, such as: Electroslag H13, 1.2344, 2344ESR, SKD61, DAC55, DHA1, 8407, W302, 8418, sulfur-free 8407, sulfur-free 8418, etc.

2) To improve the resistance to high temperature softening, select mold steels with high molybdenum content, such as high molybdenum H13, SKD61, 8407, 8407, sulfur-free 8407, and sulfur-free 8418.

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