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The difference between zinc die casting parts and aluminum die casting parts(2)

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Let's talk about zinc die casting parts and aluminum die casting parts. Generally speaking, both zinc alloys and aluminum alloys are suitable die casting materials, but they have both advantages and disadvantages. Let's talk about the advantages of zinc alloys first.

Zinc alloys are an excellent die-casting material. Zinc alloys have low melting points and require shorter healing times for our die-casting zinc alloys. The solidification temperature of zinc alloys is also well controlled and easy to fill in. Zinc alloy die-casting parts have small shrinkage holes, which allow them to produce precision parts with complex structures and cast walls. Zinc die-casting parts have a smooth surface and a low shrinkage rate, so zinc die-casting parts are easy to fill. Dimensional accuracy is higher because zinc die-casting requires low casting temperatures, and zinc alloys do not corrode or stick dies.

As a result, the die life is longer, and the cost of die wear is reduced. At room temperature, the physical properties of the zinc alloy are also excellent and can accept surface treatment such as plating and painting.

These are the benefits of zinc die casting parts. For more information on zinc alloy die casting, please get in touch with us, and we will give you a timely response.




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