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Technical characteristics of high pressure aluminum die casting.

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Technical characteristics of high pressure aluminum die casting.

After introducing the advantages of high-pressure aluminum die casting, we would like to share the technical knowledge with you.

The process of pressing molten metal into a sealed cavity is die casting. Firm pressure will hold the metal in place until it solidifies completely. After solidification, the mold is opened, and the product is taken out. After the mold cavity is sealed, the next cycle of manufacturing is carried out. This is the production process of die casting products.

The molten metal to be pressed into the mold cavity is usually within 100 milliseconds, which is a very rapid process. When the mold cavity is filled, extremely high pressure is applied to it. This pressure is generally not less than 1000bar. The purpose of this is to strengthen the metal.

In terms of technology, it is also divided into a hot room and cold room systems. The hot chamber system is mainly used for zinc, magnesium, and lead die casting, while the cold chamber is used to cast aluminum and copper.

The die casting process is more efficient than the traditional flow casting. Improve the quality of the product. Can manufacture products with more complex structures. The die cast mold cost mold is low, and the service life is longer, thereby reducing the cost.

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