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Problems and solutions related to defective casting products (2)

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Problems and solutions related to defective casting products (2)

In the previous article, we introduced the main problems that are prone to die-casting products in detail. This article will introduce the two most common causes of defective products and their solutions. Sand holes and depressions are the most critical and fatal defects of die casting products because these two problems will directly affect the metal structure and strength of the product.

1. Trachoma: The cause of trachoma is the cavity (circular cavity, air hole) formed by mixing air or gas into the molten metal. Cavities (shrinkage cavities) caused by an insufficient supply of molten metal Adjust casting pressure, change vents, adjust the amount of release agent applied, change the position and size of gates

2. Depression: Due to local overheating of the mold, the cooling is slow, resulting in depression. Adjust the mold temperature and improve the mold design

The above are the reasons and solutions for blisters and depressions in die-casting products. We have been in the die-casting industry for more than ten years, and we have encountered various problems during this period. We continue to innovate and upgrade technology, accumulate experience, and provide customers with the best service.




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