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How to solve the defects of high-pressure aluminum die casting (3)

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How to solve the defects of high-pressure aluminum die casting (3)

Porosity is also a problem faced by die casting parts manufacturers. Porosity is not a unique problem in the die casting industry. Almost all substances are prone to bubbles in transforming from liquid to solid. Pores can be removed by stirring and vibrating in other industries, but we can't because our liquid is high-temperature liquid metal. All we need other technical means to reduce the generation of stomata.

The problems caused by pores are far more severe than people think, and the spores produced by die casting are not just surface defects. Severe pores will cause the product to form an overall honeycomb structure, and such a product is undoubtedly unqualified. Even individual pores can cause hollow interiors of the product, affecting the weight and physical structure. In some industries with strict requirements on parts' strength, these defective products with internal pores are undoubtedly fatal.

First of all, we must understand the causes of pores to solve this problem better. Die-casting products generally have hydrogen pores and entrainment pores. The leading cause of hydrogen pores is water vapor mixed in during processing. The leading cause of air pores in the design of aluminum die casting mold problems appears in the punch system, runner system, and cavity.

For the hydrogen pores, it is necessary to clean and maintain the equipment and ensure that the concentration and dosage of the release agent are appropriate. The problem of air holes requires us to check whether the internal structure of the mold has a good exhaust effect or use the cavity to vacuum. We also need to check whether the mold temperature is appropriate and other conditions.

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