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How to reduce the cost of die casting

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How to reduce the cost of die casting

When producing large quantities of orders, we must find ways to reduce costs. However, labor and wastage costs, mold design, and replacement costs accounted for a considerable proportion. Only by optimizing the cost of the mold can a more competitive quotation be offered. Therefore, reducing die cast mold cost is a topic we must study.


Let us briefly introduce what die casting is. It is a rapid prototyping technology. The primary materials used in die casting are aluminum, copper, zinc, and tin-lead alloys. Die-casting is carried out by two processes, namely cold-chamber die-casting and hot-chamber die-casting. Die casting dies are necessary for die casting. Due to the high cost of equipment consumption and die casting dies, die casting is suitable for large-volume orders.  Compared with other casting technologies, mold die casting has higher product consistency and completeness.


When we receive an order, we must first determine the materials. Different materials have different requirements for pressure and temperature. After confirming the product, we can confirm the material of die casting mold parts. We are choosing a suitable material to make the mold that can significantly extend the life cycle and reduce the consumption of the mold to obtain a more competitive quotation.


The design of the mold is also a difficult point. The design idea of the mold is related to the volume of the product. Small parts can be designed with one mold with four cavities and one mold with six cavities. Molding multiple products at once can reduce costs. However, this is determined according to the specifications of the die casting machine.


Reducing the cost of molds requires experienced engineers and advanced equipment. Blindly pursuing low costs will only lead to increased defect rates and increased costs. We have the best engineers and the most extensive workshops to provide you with the best aluminum die casting services. If you are looking for a high-quality die casting mold manufacturer, then we are your best answer. Please leave your contact information; we will contact you within 24 hours.




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