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How to custom die casting

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How to custom die casting

Almost every customer's order is an entirely different product. For this, we must redesign die casting dies. A well-designed die casting can reduce the cost of the product and improve the quality of the product.


Custom die casting is mainly custom die casting mold. When designing die-casting molds, we often communicate with customers. Listen to the needs of customers and show all the solutions to customers. Fully let customers know and understand our services.


When the volume is the same, the thinner the wall thickness, the lighter the weight. Many customers require their products to be as lightweight as possible. We will also improve the design plan according to the needs of customers. But this is not always possible. If the length of a product is very long, then to ensure the strength. We generally do not design a fragile wall.


Exhaust is an essential part. Different die casting molds need to determine the position of the vent holes according to different length and width ratios.


Of course, making a custom die casting is not that simple. The above are just a few common questions. Whenever we receive an order, we will actively communicate with customers. Communicate with customers according to the actual situation, from design to production and final production. We try our best to keep information transparent with our customers. While ensuring our profits, we also try our best to reduce costs for our customers. Our expenses will be spent where we should spend them.


If you are looking for a die casting mold manufacturer for custom die casting. Then you might as well contact us even if it is an attempt. I believe that we will be able to attract you and your orders.




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