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Advantages of aluminum alloy die casting

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Advantages of aluminum alloy die casting

The application of aluminum alloy is pervasive today. Let Hongji, as a professional custom die casting manufacturer with more than ten years of experience in die-casting, tell you what is the advantages of aluminum alloy die casting

The melting point of aluminum alloy is low (approximately 1346.000℉~1382.000℉). Under the same quality, the solidification time of liquid aluminum alloy is longer than that of cast iron and cast steel, and its fluidity is good. Aluminum alloy wire shrinks little, so it has good filling performance. This feature makes aluminum alloy more suitable for making castings with complex structures and thin casting walls. 

Therefore, aluminum alloy  die casting parts are widely used in aerospace, aviation, naval vessels, building materials, and home appliances. Aluminum alloy has good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance and has good corrosion resistance in organic substances such as seawater concentrated nitric acid and gasoline. Aluminum alloy dies castings have high dimensional accuracy, good stability, are lightweight, low density, and favorable. If you have a large-volume order, aluminum alloy die-casting parts can be quickly mass-produced and have incredibly high production efficiency. Price all corners of our lives, aluminum alloy, die castings are everywhere. These are the reasons.

Hongji is a leading manufacturer of aluminum die casting parts in China and a leading manufacturer of aluminum die casting molds. We support customized die-casting molds and die-casting mold parts. If you have your mold, we can also provide aluminum die-casting services to meet your needs in all aspects. Contact us now to get a quote!




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